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Serial Tag # Frame Tag # Dash Plate # Body Tag # Tub ACM # Tailgate ACM 10001 224764 Begins at 10001 same as above same as above Begins at 1 (10000 less than S/N, +/- 1500 or so) none/maybe same as above approx = to ACM

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4 Wheel Drive Stencil on '4 WHEEL DRIVE' Tailgate Stencils. by Bart McNeil . One sometimes sees '4 WHEEL DRIVE' stenciled on the tailgates of civilian Jeeps. Catalogues sell two versions of the stencil and they do not agree on which stencil is to be used on what year and model Jeep.

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The CJ3A Page Forum - dating a CJ I believe i have an early CJ3A from the information i gathered on this website. The jeep has a model 41 axel however the prior owner registered as a 47 cj2a.No Vin Tag on the firewall.

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Dating Minor CJ-3A Changes - The CJ3A Information Page Dating Minor CJ-3A Changes; Prefix Vehicle Serial Number Engine Serial Number Description Source Notes; CJ-3A: 10755: Radiator hoses length change to clear governor belt

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Jeep Tailgates on Tailgate Reading: Construction, Dating and Authentication. by Bart McNeil . A lot can be learned through examination of a Jeep tailgate, but there are also false clues.

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CJ2A Data & Info - Home | CJ-2A Year VIN Frame Tag Serial Number Body Tag Tub ACM # Tailgate ACM # Windshield Type Tools Indents Tub Color Wheel Color Wheel Type Cam Type Engine Casting Engine Date

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Dating a CJ-3A - The CJ3A Information Page Dating a CJ-3A. The CJ-3A was produced for five model years, 1949 to 1953. Two other civilian Jeep models overlapped the CJ-3A's production. 1949 was the last year for the CJ-2A and in 1953 the CJ-3B became available.

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Hi. Cool, what I was looking for.

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Identifying Jeeps Military Jeeps: M38 - GVRDEU CJ-2A The CJ-2A was the first civilian Jeep. It was produced from July 17th 1945 through 1949. It looks similar to a M38, CJ-3A, or MB, but it has flush mounted head lights and the wind shield is made with

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Glass, Windshield CJ3A, CJ3B, DJ3A, M38 1949-1964 This is the front windshield glass for 1949-1964 CJ3A, CJ3B, DJ3A and M38 models with the 1 piece windshield. The glass is DOT approved and is cut like the original. 1 Required per Jeep.